Stephen and I love to travel to Napa, California when we can arrange to stay with his dearest friend of sixty-two years Michael Dellar and his beautiful wife, Lesyle. Yes, you read that correctly. Stephen and Michael have been friends since their first day of kindergarten in 1951. Michael owns several fantastic restaurant including One Market in San Francisco.

When Stephen and I visit The Dellars in Napa, great food and fabulous company are always on the agenda. And, of course, a little wine.

On our most recent evening in Napa, Michael served us chopped salad to begin our meal on their patio overlooking the incredible Napa Valley. I craved it so much on our return home that I just had to make it myself.

Michael Dellar’s Chopped Salad

In a large serving bowl, add organic greens and watercress, mince or dice really small pieces of broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, avocado, radish, green onion, or whatever your favorite ingredients are, but that particular combination is dynamite.


Michael’s directions: “Make a vinaigrette like a thin mayonnaise. Finely minced shallots, Dijon mustard, egg yolk, salt, pepper, Meyer lemon juice, a little balsamic, then whisk in the olive oil. A little water only if it gets too thick. It should be emulsified. Enjoy”.

To serve, toss all ingredients gently together with a light amount of the vinaigrette and then plate. Shave a little hard-boiled egg on top of each salad with a fine cheese grater for a tasty impressive finish.

Bon Appetit & Namaste!


* I know the picture is blurry but I love it so.