“An amazing true story of conscious loving in action! After being plunged suddenly into the role of caregiver, author Lauren Simon was shocked to discover how many conflicting emotions of love, compassion, frustration, confusion, and even anger caregivers experience but too often feel that they should not even think, let alone express. Lauren has gifted us all with this wonderful book—filled with humor, compassion and vulnerability. A must-read for compassionate caregivers and the people who know them, this book will serve to empower caregivers all over the world to embrace openly and share all of their feelings."


Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. & Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D. Authors: Conscious Loving, The Journey To Co-Commitment


When You Feel Like Strangling The Patient

"In the middle of an otherwise ordinary autumn night, I opened the bathroom door just in time to see my husband stumble out of the shower and drop to the floor, clutching his chest. I knew he was having a heart attack. What I didn’t know is that he was about to die.
And be brought back to life.
Then clinically die again.
And be brought back once more.
And then have his heart stop two more times before that horrible night was finally over.
Nor did I understand what living through this experience would do to me. Or what I was in for during the weeks, and months that lay ahead.”

Caregiver Testimonials

Many caregivers are using the techniques in this Book to improve the quality of their lives.

Anna D. New Mexico.

Thank You! "Thank you, Lauren Simon, for writing this book! When I was the caretaker for my friend, even though we’d been besties for 12 years, she took out all of her upset and frustration about her situation on me, because I was the closest person to her (and because she knew I’d take it). It was the hardest job I’ve ever had- and yes, at times, I wanted to strangle her (though I’m really glad I didn’t!). It really would’ve been really helpful to have this conversation, to not feel guilty about how angry I was with her in certain moments, how hurt I was by her behavior. Thank you for bringing caretakers this much needed outlet of honesty and the space to talk about how it really feels!"

Jerilyn H. Oregon City

Caregivers get so little and give so much. How wonderful to have a book that validates all the conflicting emotions we feel as caregivers...good, bad and sometimes ugly. I too was thrown into an unanticipated caregiving role for my dying mom who went to extensive lengths to hide her illness. I was engulfed by every emotion imaginable, including anger and intense fear. Lauren's book is amazing and anyone in a caregiving role will greatly benefit from it. Lauren brings her radiant light to this world and her words shine brightly as she does from each page she has written.

Ingrid S. Utah

Amazing! I read the entire book in the waiting room. Very helpful, humorous, and inspirational.

Sarah J. Minnesota

Great Book. From nutrition to a whole chapter on sex...so many great insights for caregivers!

Ilonka Michelle O'Neil, Boca Raton, FL

I read the book in one day and loved it! This is the first book I've read that specifically addresses the trauma families go through when a loved one experiences a heart attack or other accident. I love the author's honesty in depicting ALL of the emotions that arise with becoming an unexpected caregiver. This is an important book that will validate the feelings of so many people. When You Feel Like Strangling the Patient is sure to open up a new understanding of what caregivers go through, and how to best support them. It also gives those in the caregiving role vitally important permission to take care of their own needs too sometimes. I hope this book is the start of a movement of honoring and taking care of caregivers in our society. -Yoga teacher for parents of kids with special needs and other caregivers

Lynn Anderson, Michigan

Lauren, I just finished your remarkable book and had to tell you how much I enjoyed it! It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me delve deep into myself – so incredibly thought-provoking! You didn’t just write a book – you wrote a primer, a compass, a bible – showing us how to be better people in the same situation and beyond. This isn’t just for caregivers – it’s for everyone. Thank you so much for sharing your insight and wisdom!

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About The Author

Lauren Simon

Lauren Simon graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University and the Mastery Series of Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP training. Her eclectic life journey has taken her from a successful career as a clothing designer to many years as a flight service operator for a major airline; and from becoming a licensed Reiki master and certified hypnotherapist to film actress. She is also a mother, wife, grandmother, animal lover, fitness activist, and a passionate cook. She lives in Oregon with her husband Stephen, her son Carter, a labrador named Lola and a cat named Sophie.

Get your copy today $15.95 hardback or $9.95 ebook Purchase Today

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